Daisy Ridley Nude Casting Couch Video

Many Hollywood insiders were very surprised when as an unknown actress Daisy Ridley was chosen to play the lead in the multi-billion dollar “Star Wars” franchise. However, after seeing what appears to be Daisy’s casting couch audition for the role in the nude video above, it certainly becomes clear why she was perfect for the part.

As you can see from this nude video, Disney’s casting process is rigorous, and Daisy Ridley certainly does not shy away from giving it her all for the numerous casting directors and producers in attendance by utilizing all of her orifices.

Daisy Ridley covered nude

Of course people quickly forget that before Daisy got her big break with “Star Wars” she was a brazen whore who was more than willing to do whatever it took to get ahead.

Daisy Ridley stockings

In fact, if Daisy didn’t land “Star Wars” you better believe that she’d be a slutty extra on some shitty TV series, and her IMDB resume page would be filled with credits of “Nude Whore #3”.

Author: 17chan