India Eisley Nude Scenes From “Look Away”

India Eisley nude

“The Secret Life of the American Teenager” star India Eisley performs in her first fully nude scenes in the video below from the movie “Look Away”.

“Look Away” appears to be one of those truly terrifying horror films in which a brazen whore (played by India Eisley) runs around exposing her blasphemous nude body. Of course when confronted with the sight of sickeningly sinful female flesh us pious Muslims’ first instinct is to “look away” in righteous disgust… But as this movie no doubt shows that would be a dangerous mistake, for this Satanic slut would no doubt charge us while we were not looking and try to get her demonic orifices around our saintly meat scuds.

Yes, these India Eisley nude scenes will certainly haunt our dreams for the weeks to come. Heathen Hollywood’s obsession with extremely grotesque and demented movies like this this time of year speaks volumes about the twisted minds that they have working there.

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