Ella Eyre Nude Photos Preview

Ella Eyre nude

English singer Ella Eyre appears to preview the upcoming release of her nude photo set with the slutty selfies above and below.

Ella Eyre nude

With her pierced nipple, scrunchie around her wrist, and these naked photos, Ella Eyre hits the trifecta of stereotypes for a early 20-something thirsty thot in the infidel West.

Of course this comes as no surprise for Ella has always been a brazen British Jezebel, as evidenced by her extremely suggestive bikini bottoms in the video clip above… For clearly Ella is trying to convey that she can fit a full size cat into her cavernous cock box.

Ella Eyre bikini sexy

And while Ella is well-known in the future Islamic caliphate of Great Britainstan after her #1 hit “Waiting All Night”, she is still relatively unknown in the great Satan US of A… No doubt Ella hopes that leaking nude pics will change that.

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