Betsy Russell Nude Scenes Ultimate Compilation Celebrity Porno CHAN 17

Betsy Russell Nude Scenes Ultimate Compilation

Betsy Russell nude

For this week’s “Throwback Thursday” we take a look back at Betsy Russell’s nude scenes in the compilation video below.

Believe it or not but back in the 1980’s Betsy Russell was quite the infidel sex symbol… Especially after appearing nude in the cult classic film “Private School”. However, Betsy’s complete lack of acting talent eventually caught up with her, and by the 1990’s she was all but irrelevant…

That is until the 2000’s when Betsy revived her long dead career by playing the Jigsaw Killer’s ex-wife in the “Saw” movie franchise… Speaking of horror films, if the “Saw” producers really wanted to scare the bejesus out of their audience they should of filmed what Betsy’s boobies look like now that she is in her 50’s…. I shudder at the thought.