Lake Bell Nude Scene From “Black Rock” Brightened

Lake Bell nude

The video below features Lake Bell’s nude scene from the film “Black Rock” brightened and color-corrected.

Not only does this “Black Rock” enhanced nude scene reveal Lake Bell’s hairy pussy mound and dangling tit sacks, but it also shows us two important things… That Lake clearly has some rare form of dyslexia in which she reads “R’s” as “C’s”… And that she doesn’t know the first thing about wilderness survival.

Yes, the last thing Lake should be doing when lost out in the woods is stripping naked. For bears are extremely righteous animals, and they can smell a whore’s overactive cock box 3 miles away. If Lake was smart she would put on even more clothing (or at least cover her exposed flesh with leaves), and look for a sharpened stick to do a quick and crude circumcision of her clit before she is mauled to death.

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