Noel Wells Nude Scene From “Mr Roosevelt”

Noel Wells nude

The video clip below features former “Saturday Night Live” and “Master of None” star Noel Wells nude scene from the film “Mr Roosevelt”.

As you can see from this video, “Mr Roosevelt” tells the story of the crazed pasty tittied prostitute Ella May Bootknocker who US President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously contracted his polio from.

Noel Wells nude

Of course in hindsight FDR should have been more careful when banging whores, for much like today Washington DC in the 1940’s was a cesspool of STD riddled hookers… And I’m not just talking about the members of Congress *ba dum tss*.

Yes, Noel Wells and her milky white mammaries certainly do an excellent job portraying the depravity of the moment in this historically accurate drama. In fact, it is almost a shame that she will soon break her back for real when a Sharia court orders her stoned for this nude scene… With a heavy emphasis on the word almost.

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