Dove Cameron vs. Hailee Steinfeld: Nude Christmas Battle

Dove Cameron nude

Who is worse, Jews or Christians? It is a question that has plagued Muslim scholars for centuries. Now actresses Dove Cameron and Hailee Steinfeld graphically illustrate this debate, with Dove flaunting her Christian Christmas cooch in the nude photos above… And Hailee whoring her naked Hanukkah holes in the pics below.

Hailee Steinfeld nude

It is certainly a difficult decision to make, for not only do both of these heathen harlots worship pathetically weak Jew Gods while denying the supreme awesomeness of the one true Prophet (PBUH)… But they are also nearly equally stoneable in their slutty antics.

Dove Cameron nude

However at the end of the day the nude degeneracy of Christians like Dove will always reign supreme… For with their hippy-dippy emphasis on forgiveness and salvation they lack the moral fortitude needed to properly suppress the sinful base female urges.

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