Olivia Culpo Bikini of the Day

It is safe to say that Olivia Culpo posting up her bikini pics for some attention, cuz she knows the dudes like the bikini pics, and keeping the dudes happy, so long as the are NFL players is good for her future plans.

She’s basically a sex worker, who did pageants, which is a good place to dip a toe into sex work, objectifying yourself or at least dabbling with objectifying yourself while doing media training on how to handle interviews and dealing with the media so you don’t go viral for being an idiot. It’s national exposure to weirdos who watch pageants and it can change your life and make you matter. Just ask Vanessa Williams….


What I am getting at is that the influencer, which is a silly fucking job to have, no matter how much she makes a year to hold a product and smile because brands decided she’s relevant, when NO ONE else in the world has decided she’s relevant, she’s got no fucking skill set, except posting up slutty pics of herself, seems like something dumb to reward…BECAUSE IT IS…..but people are dumb and obviously buy…especially NFL players all brain injured as she preys on them….cuz she wants that athlete life…the AMERICAN dream..

That said….the bikini pics are better than the Private Jet “Look at me, I’m so exclusive and connected and I hang with wealth” sugar baby shit that I can’t stand.

This picture alone should call for the MASS unfollow…you aspiring to be a white Kardashian cunt.

Nothing worse than a whore who doesn’t know she’s a whore and who brags about all the nice things she has. Our only hope is that the plane goes down since private planes are less safe.

Fuck this average looking, basic acting, instagram created, pile of dog shit…because BEAUTY comes from within, and all that’s inside her is cum she’s trying to get fertilized by cuz its rich.

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