Jordyn Jones in a White Bikini of the Day

Jordyn Jones is a singer and dancer built off of perversion. She had a Youtube channel when she was young and it went viral because she was pretty inappropriate on it. Meaning she had parents who allowed their child to creatively express herself on the fucking internet, the hub of EVERY SINGLE HUMAN’S worst possible behavior, where perfectly respectable people in the community turn to the weirdest shit to jerk off to, probably the last place you’d want your kid posting anything….but it led to 6 million followers that she monetizes and can launch her music to, so I guess it is worth it….

Keeping up with her legacy of being something creeps jack off to, she brought a bikini photoshoot for her IG, and this is what it looked like.

Not officially a sex worker, but under the right context, all these bitches are sex workers…making money off their sex and I’m watching cuz why not.

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