Kaia Gerber – Skinny in Leggings of the Day

The best thing about Kaia Gerber is that you know that she was raised in such a fucked up household and that there is nothing normal about her.

There is a reason her brother is getting face tattoos and losing his fucking mind while pretending to be some kind of white boy rich kid gangster and that is because they are entitled little twats from Malibu with rich parents and a famous hot mom…

She was thrown into this model worried while underage, in what she probably thinks was her idea, her passions, but that her mom was like “let’s live out my life one more time by proxy via my hot daughter”…..narcissism is a weird thing…

The funniest thing about it is that anyone who uses her in anything is basically trying to make her out to be Cindy, her mom. She’s Cindy 2.0, and that won’t end too well for someone trying to find her own way. They always dress her 90s and it’s almost a novelty act, or even a freak show put her in an aquarium and dress her like her mom for the fans act. It will end bad.

So as she goes through life in the public eye at 18, after already being hyped up for at least 2-3 years, you know that her experience with modelling with be much differen than her moms, since the road has been paved for her, and since she’s an entitled cunt rich kid…

I just don’t think it will end well, but at least this rich kid isn’t a troll like the Hadids who have had all the hype in the fashion world until this point….but she’s still likely very shitty.

This is her small ass in leggings because she’s 18 and probably not allowed to eat.

Weird. Living that dream….even though she’s got a trust fund and can just live out being left the fuck alone off the internet and public eye….which sounds more fun to me but I am a hermit.

Here’s her face…

According to Vogue, that are paid to hype her up, here’s 5 things you didn’t know about her and probably don’t care to know about her:

1. she likes tattoos.
2.she finished high school online.
3. she can’t sing.
4. she is a self proclaimed 40 year old in a girl’s body. Sure.
5. she’s not afraid to borrow from boys..

THis is the kind of smut the media puts out there…what the fuck.


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