Twins and their Coronavirus Content of the Day

The most important thing about this Coronavirus is that TikTok has found a theme song for the crisis. I don’t know what the young kids struggling to survive this epidemic now that UBER EATS is contaminated….

Their lack of basic life skills since they still live with their parents, are lazy entitled fucks with no work ethic, will make things hard.

But their ability to digital market, produce content, and potentially go viral, espeically when they are TWINS like these twins who you can follow HERE

Becuase if you’re not using a pandemic to self promote yourself, instead of fucking learning survival skills like hunting, building shelter and crafting things you’ll need to stay alive….

You sure as hell better be doing TikToks to entertain, monetize and grow your reach….because this will end and you don’t want to sit there thinking you missed a golden opportunity to win.

Useless fucks, where’s the twin sister scissoring, it’s not incest, it’s genetically considered masturbating..

When you’re twins, you have double the chance of winning, because you have two times the workforce of all these other sluts!

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Author: 17chan