“Influencer’s” Medical Mask Bikini of the Day

I am all for random sluts of the internet using the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to produce clickbait, viral content around viruses, for the people out here living this COVID-19 scam.

If a bitch bored at home is going out there and producing smut with MASKS, or Hand Santizer, or Toilet Paper. I am all for it.

If a bitch is willing to lick toilet seats in protest of the virus to get more hype, clout and views, i am all for it.

I think this is a creative time, an opportunity for people to see that they can stand out from the rest with some jokes, while these mainstream and boring influencers give workout advice and other life tips in quarantine, no one cares about, you’re not a fucking expert….the quality creators are making jokes.

Apparently, people are offended by the above face mask bikini post, because people are fucking losers who are offended by everything, hopefully this time of survival wipes out that attitude while people start fearing and hating each other.

KEEP the COVID-19 smut alive as long as COVID-19 terrorizes us.

Her name is: YULIA and she’s the kind of Russian spam bot we all need.

Some videos:

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