Nina Dobrev’s Up Shorts of the Day

Nina Doberv is some Bulgarian refugee who was allowed into Canada, because Canada fucking loves refugees…Canada loves giving them all their social services, welfare and healthcare…you know it’s the Canadian way….

Only with this refugee, it backfired, as she moved to America to pay US taxes and contribute zero into the economy of the country that welcomed her family when she was just a kid. What a bitch.

She’s best known for some Vampire Diaries show I didn’t watch because I am not a virgin, but people watched it.

Along with her Canadian buddies like Shay Mitchell, she’s cleverly turned into an influencer, as a secondary revenue stream that I am sure makes more than acting, acting is just a way to keep the social media numbers up.

Well, she posted up a video of her cleaning the house like a woman should…according to traditional gender roles…which some of us still appreciate seeing…

In that video, she wore little shorts you can potentially see up, and that’s a great level of subtle slutty for attention…

She also made a Toilet Paper Shitting in Kitty Litter Jokes for those of you who would let her shit in your mouth…cuz you love her…

She also went on a job….so to SEE HER OUT ON A JOG CLICK HERE

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