I don’t do PSAs here because I typically don’t give a fuck about helping other people, they tend to be ungrateful fucks and no one ever helps me, so I’m a stay in your own silo kind of person.

I bring you the tits, you ungrateful fucks, and that’s about the extent of my charity work, or public charity work. I give money to rescue dogs, animal foundations, things that matter…

A very good friend Dante sent me this link suggesting I put it up, because it is dark times for all of us, and helping each other is what we should do now, and there is a lot of unknowns circulating….

What I do know is that with all the bailouts, one thing that will definitely not get a bail out is the Indy movie theater….

Now, I don’t go to movies or leave my house, but I realize there’s an importance of these “institutions” to exist, to give screentime to the indy movies, otherwise, we’ll be more controlled by the media, more controlled by Hollywood, as they wipe everyone out.

I’ve seen stories about how Hollywood already tries to fuck with these people, making their movies that these people need to break even on equipment that is unaffordable and that needs to be leased from the big movie companies, basically owning them.

It’s like the fast food industry having all the farmers they source their products by the balls.

BUT, there’s still something special about an old theater, owned by some weird movie nerd, that has the independence to show whatever the fuck they want.

As someone who has wanted to make a cheap horror movie forever, but I’m not setting up a GoFundMe for that, I can’t deal with your lack of support towards my dreams….I’d never go through the Hollywood system, and would need the indy theaters on board to make that happen….so for actual indy filmmakers, that screentime is so fucking important to bring GOOD, innovative movies to the screen. OTHERWISE, we are just a bunch of Slaves to the next DISNEY picture…that makes us bigger fucking robots than we are…thanks to all the work the media companies have done in brain washing us the last 100 years..

SO….that said, if you have money, and you like Indy Movie Theatres, and believe in the importance of FREE MARKET and not MONOPOLIES by evil corporations…I suggest you CHECK THIS GO FUND ME , do your OWN due diligence because I didn’t….and donate if you can.

I realize there are other things going on, an apocalypse that may leave us all murdering each other for food, as we struggle to survive and all that..I realize that your business, or other businesses going broke mean more to you than movie theaters….I know that you probably want the indy theaters to go bankrupt because they make cool real estate opportunities for music venues…and I know the idea of going to the movies is basically out the window, who would ever go to a movie again…it’s the fucking apocalypse…all move theaters will end….not just the INDY ones…

But it is important to keep this slice of Americana alive if we can, even if BILL GATES and the other world elite who have been planning and funding vaccines for CORONAVIRUS due to a need for population control don’t want you to.


Now back to the tits.

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