Elle Macpherson is Old and Hot in a Magazine of the Day

Elle Macpherson is one of the only 56 year olds I want to look at being slutty. I typically get offended by that shit, but with Elle Macpherson, I’m like BRING IT.

This is apparently a recent Harper’s shoot with Elle Macpherson, you can tell that she’s old as shit in this shoot, so it’s not some 80s goodness being reposted by something relatively new enough…

Little known fact and not necessarily a fact that I am overly proud of, or one that I like talking about, because dudes talking about jerking off always makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s actually pretty fucking queer….keep it to your damn self…just because masturbation is no longer seen as shameful as people post up pics of themselves sticking things up their ass on instagram….sex positive…I still think it should be something shameful….it keeps people more controlled…like COVID..

That said, in the 1986, 1987 and 1988….she was the SI covergirl…and she was amazing….so amazing that we were in a one sided exclusive romantic relationship for 3-4 months each of those years.

The goto titties!!! She’s still looking fucking great but maybe I’m just experiencing what true love feels like, you know when you see old men tell their old wive’s they look beautiful while they look old as shit….and no one else could confuse them for looking good…only love would make it look good…

But those tits are big.

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Author: 17chan