Bella Hadid Nudes of the Day

Bella Hadid Nudes

Bella Hadid posted up these pictures, that may be branded as a collab with VOGUE, but that are really just her doing barely elaborate nude selfies, posing in front of a dozen dead roses, high concept….so edgy.

The COVID crisis has turned all on the fence whores into full on sex workers, I think more nudes are being produced now than ever before, so I find it offensive that this trashy rich kid’s nudes are packaged as art and fashion, allowing her to be an “it-girl” despite looking like a hard faced dude…when all the other nudes are smut….

Not that the hypocrisy really bothers me, I’ve been posting up nude celebrity content for years, content they produce and I’m labelled a porn site, even though the images live on Instagram.

I am used to the “you’re porn, even though this is not porn by any other measure”….but I still think it’s some bullshit, mainly because these nudes suck, stop paying some trashy rich kid to be an “it-girl” when she’s zero compelling, zero hot, and zero fucking interesting..not to mention her nudes, whether for fashion or not, are fucking garbage…embarrassing even….catalog it low hanging fruit that it is.

Bella Hadid Nudes
Bella Hadid Nudes


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