Nurses on the Front Line Being Naughty of the Day

I know that the world keeps telling healthcare workers that they are heroes, to mind fuck them into working on the front lines during this crisis, when really they should be reevaluating career choices. I mean isn’t there an easier way to make an honest living with benefits than working as a fucking nurse when there’s a virus out there designed to kill us all off….if not now, than eventually, I mean it is just going to keep morphing into vaccine resistant versions and this will be going on for a long fucking time….being in hospital is the last place I’d want to be.

I get that they train for this, that this is their “calling” or whatever, but even doctors who were really only doctors because they are good at science and good at knowing doctors make 1,000,000 dollars a year…are forced to actually work, or actually risk their lives, whether the virus is as bad as they say it is….so FEED them and their egos, tell them they are the new celebrity and validate what they do for the same pay they got before the crisis. Seems like a shitty deal….

There used to be some risk at your job, now there is huge risk, we’ll pay you the same, but say you’re a hero…because the system knows without them they are fucked, and it is still a free country, kind of, they don’t technically need to be working like this, there are not gun to their heads, but their may be.

So in a FUCK EM ALL, who gives a fuck, FUCK THE WORLD, release, these nurses are like “Look at my pussy hole while I’m in scrubs to really worship me and give me something to cum to, cuz I cum to posting nudes, as soon as I get a 5 minute break to release”….

We are all animals, basic retards, who are designed to want to cum under stress and under good times, it is the constant…

SO this is what some nurses were up to this Easter Weekend away from family, tending to dying old people….crazy times.

Some Videos:

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