Jordyn Jones Topless of the Day

Jordyn Jones Topless

Jordyn Jones is hot young low hanging celebrity who doesn’t really need the whole celebrity thing to make her relevant or an earner, thanks to the internet paying the fuck out.

These youtubers are making 100 million dollars a year if done right, most actors aren’t making that kind of money, which is probably why they are all aggressively figuring out their own social media strategies, as they know they are being replaced and missing out on the money they want to hoard for themselves….

Jordyn Jones was in some random shows that probably don’t matter, but made her big push doing slutty cover songs on youtube, so now with her 6 million fans on instagram, she can bring the titties in provocative pictures freely…yay for that.

This picture may be for her new album drop? I’m too busy reading her IG Bio “I love you dad” because clearly she put it there for all you perverts with that daddy fetish….

She knows her audience. What the people want and by people I mean my pervert ass.


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