Demi Lovato The Blimp of the Day

Demi Lovato Blimp

Demi Lovato is some real fucking bullshit. Clearly a puppet designed to spread the message of the evil media and entertainment industry. The fact that she wasn’t cancelled despite having a heroin overdose should be enough proof that there’s more to her story.

When you are a heroin addict and have a heroin overdose, when your demographic is a bunch of kids, and you’ve been used to market and brain wash kids for a fucking decade, no matter how they polarize it as a symptom of Bi-Polar disorder, and not that bitch is a heroin addict who had a heroin overdose….you would normally get fired.

I don’t think you’d be able to keep your job after a heroin overdose if you were a teacher, a doctor, even a retail outlet employee….they’d fire your crackhead ass and not even help you get to rehab…

But when you’re Demi Lovato you get to sing the national anthem at the super bowl, you get to get brand deals, you get to perform at the oscars and everyone sympathizes with you as you get fatter and fatter….fuck that.

This blimp bitch in a magazine, is part of the bullshit narrative of LIES being spewed to us…because HEROIN overdoses get you cancelled not sympathy NO Matter who you are…

That said…look at this blimp bitch “parachuting” into her new life…


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