Sasha’s a Quarantine Dream of the Day

Here’s a model you’ve probably never heard of in a shoot by someone you’ve probably never heard of because everyone is on the social media and a large percentage of everybody seem to like the feedback they get on social media and figured out how being naked gets more action in the grand scheme of things…

Her name is SASAH and this is a really fun shoot of a girl in an apartment during Quarantine.

I would have liked it if the whole shoot was from the window in her door, you know because of social distancing, but we’re lucky that she let the photographer in because the indoor pics are hotter…just less fun for the current climate of lockdown….

So as much as people make fun of instagram girls trying to model, or make fun of how girls are going crazy on sites like OnlyFans…they are just haters…there’s a huge amount of girls moving in this direction, because they realize they have what it takes, that it’s fun, and that it makes financial sense. They’ve seen all these other trashier actual sex workers pave the way and realize that people are tired of those plastic and obvious girls, so that their fresh face normal girl looks will be a welcomed refreshing vibe….

The only think I make fun of in this move to all women being sex workers is the dudes who pay. It’s like they are so fucking lame that they like sexting the girls they jerk off to and feel that connection is worth the 10 dollars a month…. rather than just dealing with free porn or finding chicks who do it for free.

But thanks to those dudes, the whole getting naked in shoots is a meme at this point, a meme you can appreciate better than relatable bad jokes you typically see on memes.

What I am saying is this model is awesome, this shoot is fun, the future is bright as more and more girls like this produce more and more content like this, rather than the first generation girls who did this like Rat Cow and others who are all boring, lack creativity and think they are fucking Beyonce….


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