Bikini Bridges of the Day

Bikini Bridges unlike Lloyd Bridges are pretty great.

I know what you’re thinking and that is that Lloyd Bridges is also great, he is the father of the very important Beau Bridges…but more impoortanly the he is the father of the LEGEND Jeff Bridges who is up there as one of my favorite actors and not because of Lebowski, I don’t even remember Lebowski besides it being over-referenced by people I hate enough for me to hate it….

So maybe this post should read Bikini Bridges LIKE Lloyd Bridges are great…maybe they re related…you know since they have the same last name?

What is a bikini bridge…it is when the hips are bigger than the mound…and the hips make supports for the bikini to cross the mound..a bridge you’d like to live under…when really the whole thing in unnecessary…no bridge needed…this should involve NO bikini bottoms…BLOW THEM UP…Fuck the bikini bridge…I’m sure that’s what you

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