Britney Spears Workout of the Day

There’s a story trending about how Britney Spears burnt down her gym with “candles’ she left out in an attempt to kill herself, or escape, or maybe it was really just an accident because she’s so heavily medicated.

Who knows…but she’s down to two pieces of equipment because that insurance money hasn’t come in, even though any fitness brand would send her any products her and her trainer boyfriend want for free…so to celebrate she decided to do a jittery, crackhead on drugs, maybe a schizo on schizo drugs with all those body shake side effects they have…to tell the world she needs help..or to say at 39 she’s still fun to watch move…even though she’s 39 and that makes no logical sense.

I still think a Britney in Captivity is worth watching hump the air like the nutjob she is…the rich version of the toothless homeless crackhead offering a blowjob for a warm cup of soup.

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