Charli XCX Bikini Bottoms of the Day

No one even knows who Charli XCX, the bootleg Rita Ora who is the bootleg Rihnna is …there’s been a handful of popstars come out since she was taking a stab at it who all saw huge success…while she’s still out here probably 15 years or more later…still trying to get attention by using her naked or half naked body…

Instead of just working on making good music for her pop career that still hasn’t taken off….after 15 years of trying to use her tits to get ahead….

I figure it can’t be that hard to make 1 hit song when you have a record deal already and access to people who make hit songs….I think if I spent a year doing nothing but writing one hit song instead of blogging this bullshit all day everyday…I can assure you I’d have a song bigger than any of CHARLI XCX songs…and I am not musical at all…I can’t even whistle…but that’s possibly due to some herpes scarring…fucking whores and their fucking dirty pussies…

Speaking of dirty pussies…I think she’s got balls.

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