Christa B Allen Lingerie of the Day

christa b allen  bikini

I once wrote:

Christa B Allen posts topless pics on instagram, but unlike instagram models she has IMDB and WIKIPEDIA so she must be important…

Let’s take a journey into who Christa B. Allen and why her attention seeking hipster style instagram pictures are more than just thirsty instagram modeling but rather brand support to her career…

She started this celebrity thing in 13 Going on 30 in 2004….a movie you probably jerked off to…but she’s probably most proud of being cast “Teenage Girl” in Youth in Revolt in 2009….

TAKE THAT INSTAGRAM MODELS…this girl is legit….

I still agree with that. I have nothing to add. I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect post that took me 15 years to craft but I will say Christa B Allen and her shitty selfies isn’t worth my damn time to write original comedy everytime she posts a picture. I mean unless she was paying me…he should be paying me….my goal in all this is to get paid to post girls trying to be celebs…it’d be a waste of their money, but I’d spend it on alochol wisely.

christa b allen christa b allen  bikini


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