Costco Flasher of the Day

I have been wanting to do a compilation of all the girls out there still flashing in retail stores because retail stores are the forbidden fruit in these COVID lockdown times…especially the independent retail stores that were locked down for 7-8 weeks, despite the big box retail stores remaining open, because some snot faced pimply kid who works in a big box store has more pride to keep things safe from the “old person” disease than someone who’s life is invested in their retail sore…so as you can go to Home Depot, Walmart and Costco…the evil companies that killed local business, local community…and buy all the bullshit you need that aren’t essential…you know like condoms…because ESSENTIAL BUSINESS narrative was a fucking lie to make ya’ll go broke..

Anyway…Retail the forbidden fruit….with a young Asian Flasher in a face mask for COVID….and don’t be all racist on her, it’s not her fault the US Government created a virus to CONTROL you…she’s just here bringing the entertainment.

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