Halle Berry See Through of the Day

Halle Berry See through

Halle Berry may be an old whore, but she’s still a whore, and that shouldn’t go unrecognized.

I am a firm believer in inclusivity and diversity and to write off a whore just because she’s old, despite putting the work in like she’s not old…wouldn’t feel right.

I know that Halle Berry was used as some figurehead for the black population to think that Hollywood is nice to black folk, so long as they were raised white because they are as white as they are black, since their blackness came from a sperm donor or one night stand depending what you consider her mom’s whore behavior to be…the same whore behavior that was taught unto her offspring so that she could take her hotness to Hollywood and make it as the accessible black girl…you know the plantation owner’s daughter that got sent to college not the plantation owners slaves being killed in the field level of BLACK HISTORY MONTH….

So long as she was able to imitate actual black people…something I bet she did by watching hours of tape of actual black people to really embrace her blackness in a believable way that comes across on film…

She’s an actor, that’s what they do. Bullshit….

Either way, still hot, showing nip, it’s good….

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