Kristen Bell Panty Mask of the DAy

Kristen Bell Panty Mask

Ellen is a fucking pervert. Could you imagine the backlash I’d get if I tried to make girl sniff their dirty panties as a face mask for the sake of my weird brand of comedy? Or if any dude went down that road, unless they were Joe Biden, the world would FLIP OUT, cancel them…but for some reason I can’t explain or understand…certain people are inappropriate and no one cares…like Ryan Seacrest. I know girls who he has made check their cell phones upon entering his home that he proceeded to do drugs with and fuck up the ass….probably not in a rape way, but still a creep…yet when #MeToo happened not one girl he was an inapproriate dick to came forward…SCAMS MAN…SCAMS…LIES…

Since it’s Ellen, the American scammer of the century…I don’t believe she’s the illuminati like the conspiracies do, but I do think she is the devil. She basically was bitter for years after her hit show was cancelled and realized when she had the chance to replace the other Lesbian on TV, because clearly the world accepted lesbian daytime talk show hosts, I’m talking ROSIE not OPRAH or Sally Jesse….it was her WINDOW…of “I’ll interview people, be a dancing monkey, charm the world like a psychopath and win because the world are a bunch of morons”.

Every time I have seen her intereviews I find her mocking, condescending, perveted and disugsting….I don’t find her funny and when her sign off is “Be Kind to Each Other” knowing she’s evil…it’s the standard bait and switch used car salesman saying “Trust me, this is the best car ever, Honestly”…PROGRAMMING THE MINDS OF THE AUDIENCE THROUGH PROVEN TACTICS…

So instead of flagging her pervert lesbian content like sniffing panties as the porn that it is, she’s praised and checks are signed…

Then there’s the whole “but she gives so much back to the people” idiots, who don’t realize the prizes she gives are advertising deals and she’s making 10 times what the price money is….

Cancel this bitch oh and I hate Kristen Bell too. I don’t know why but she sucks…fuck em all I say…fuck em all.


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