This is Appropriate for Instagram of the Day

So like how the politicians all say “we will not name the killer” in mass shootings, I will not name the instagram babe who produces wild content, because I do not want to drive attention her way, that she will in-turn get her account deleted and force her to stop producing the amazing content….so if you want to know who this is, you’re on your own.

Not that Instagram would delete her, Instagram owned by Facebook and Google are two of the biggest porno websites on the internet, they just pretend they aren’t.

So while sites like this that are not porn are being labeled porn because of the name, or because I link to porn that I find LOLZ, which is just unfair.

DrunkenStepfather has had at least 7 instagram accounts deleted and they weren’t even pornographic so I will not risk this girl as a sacrificial lamb to make my point that IG is porno.

I mean this girl is legit posting pics of her basically masturbating with a shower head like a middle aged mom before sex toys were socially accepted, or some girl discovering how to make herself orgasm, while telling the family she’s had a long day and needs a soak….the shower head is almost a cliche sex toy like the pool jet, or the hairbrush…so I know what this girl is doing, you know what this girl is doing, and Facebook Instagram and all their shareholders are cool with it…but then they delete all kinds of other shit.

Just don’t trust the evil corporations you give all your data to, that’s all I am saying, they are corrupt, twisted fucks….but at least we get to discover content like this on there. Thanks Zuckerberg for the good times…

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