Olivia Culpo’s Bra Top for a Target Ad of the Day

This bitch gets paid motherfuckers..

Olivia Culpo is some bullshit media manipulator that clearly has a good manager who helped polarize her as some kind of influencer…so all the brands use her in their campaigns yet no one even knows who the fuck Olivia Culpo is….

She’s just been strategic since winning her pageant, which I assume is Miss America…back 10 years ago before working her way under a Jonas Brother, before realizing musicians who fuck their brothers are queer because it reminds them of being molested when they were child song and dancers….is not as fun as pro athletes…and has since been linked to not 1, not 2, but at least 10 athletes, I am pretty sure all are white because she’s gotta be a fucking racist….she’s so mall-brand of a person that I can’t imagine she takes the big black dick yet, but it doesn’t mean she won’t end up going down that route she just hasn’t yet, and eventually the NFL will be out of white cock for her opportunist cunt.

Point being she’s been at this for at least 10 years, on the hustle, fucking trending people, and it’s worked because bitch gets fucking paid…and there is no way that TARGET didn’t pay her to go shopping for some dumb shit now that she’s back in LA as she’s no longer in her home state of Rhode Island she pretends to love so much despite living in LA….and there is no way this isn’t paid paparazzi bullshit pics that she tipped them off about…there’s no way her pics are worth following her to a parking lot…

It’s all bullshit, but her tits are out…influencer tits that ain’t got no influencer cuz she’s useless and nothing anyone should look up to….unless they want to learn to use their pussy to fuck important people and to profit of that while never quite being important are her own…it’s a good old fashioned Eleanor Roosevelt feminism…of only mattering cuz of the men you get with…in Eleanor Roosevelt’s case it was a relative she didn’t fuck because she was a lesbian, but it sure helped her legacy survive…where as the leading women of today don’t even have to do make-up tutorials…they just need to lie about products you don’t need …that is their garbage legacy…going to target in a bra for 10,000 dollars….

fuck em all.


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