Tuesdays are Also for Assholes Behind Thongs of the Day

Assholes are obviously the gateway to a person’s soul and everyone this generation seems to be asshole obsessed, which is funny, but I guess it makes sense since they are all queers and if there’s one thing I know about queers, it’s that they like assholes, whether it’s fucking with another person’s asshole or their own asshole…they are about the asshole life.

What they don’t like is internet assholes, they are seen as mean cyber bully jerks who are out to ruin their dreams of a UTOPIA of equality, and inclusion, so long as each one of them is labeled by what they are, what they represent, what minority or retardation they have, like the Jews in the Holocaust their armband and IG BIO.

Point being, since ASSHOLES are the gateway to the soul and the trendiest of body parts, the one you ask for when a girl sends you a pussy pic, “ok cool but this time with more asshole”….it means A LOT OF GIRLS post pics of their assholes on the internet daily, they offset it by wearing a thong, that thin fabric to narrow to cover their asshole…because that way it’s less slutty but still asshole discoloration we all need….

The obsession with the LITERAL shit hole is a weird one, but I’ll stare at a good asshole anyday, while continuing my quest as an internet asshole….because what the fuck else is there to do..

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