The Jokes Write Themselves of the Day Celebrity Porno CHAN 17

The Jokes Write Themselves of the Day

Jaime King Selma Blair

Two crackhead bitches…looking nice and rough in their 40s…

This is Jamie King, the heroin addict who survived the 90s, even though her boyfriend at the time didn’t who according to her divorce papers is still a fucking junkie, because once a junkie always a fucking Junkie…

She is hanging out with Selma Blair, another psychotic low level celebrity from our younger years who had some hype around her, who is pretending she has MS, or at least playing up the MS, looking all WONKY legged because if you have an ailment, you gotta exploit the ailment for sympathy, brand deals, a marketing hook…you know being a garbage person requires work.

Together, they are walking out of somewhere looking like some crackheads who just scored a bottle of booze from sucking some parking lot dick….only they are “celebrities….which in and of itself is hilarious.


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