Naked Hipsters Break Into an Amusement Park of the Day

There’s a horrible trend that I am seeing in these nude “woke’ hipster shoots, you know the kind that the instagrammers do to get clout, oftentimes with girls who have no business being naked models, but since they are all “woke” it’s ok, we are all god’s people deserving to be models, even if we are terribly average, fat, or with handicap or skin disorder…

That’s not the horrible trend, because I am a pervert and will look at any girl naked, no matter how mutated she is, because if there’s a pussy, I’m down…it’s been a constant theme since losing my viriginty to an albino with no toes, unless that was just a scene in a Harmony Korine movie, I must have early dementia because I don’t remember pretty much anything…..

That said….the HORRIBLE trend is that dudes are now hopping in on the getting naked, so like this shoot, two girls naked in an amusement park, maybe even three girls…and some awkward fucking dude right in there with them…

Is it to prove it’s not “Sexualizing” and just “nudity” which is the “human form” that should not be sexualized? Or is dude like “I want in this”…or does dude identify as a woman, and is therefore to be seen as a woman. Who fucking knows, It is all too confusing.

The models are “Feminsit Mathilde and MARISA both perfectly fucking average.

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