Kat is Posing of the Day

I don’t know who this KAT person is, I just saw that was her name and felt like it was only the right thing to address her by her first name…which on instagram she goes by “Dr Kat”…you can check all her uplifting and half naked content THERE ….but you shouldn’t bother because we don’t want to lose you to the evil corporation that is Facebook…

That said…..

She says she’s a GLOBAL MEDIA AND MARKETING PERSON, which doesn’t explain why she only has 4500 followers despite getting naked and half naked in shoots….maybe that’s what she aspires to be and she puts it up there like some affirmations…”I am good enough to be a hit”…..you know a vision board like The Secret to get here where she wants to be..since last time I checked 4,600 followers for a girl who gets pretty naked is pretty shit…but here I am promoting her, so I guess her tactics are working…now MILLIONS of you will see what her ass is all about and I feel good about that…doing my part until I get an email demanding I take down the pics because ALL the unknown models are the worst kind of models who demand I remove their images because they don’t know how the internet works…sharing content you put out there bro….while the famous ones don’t fucking bother because they are just happy people are talking about them and never notice unless it’s leaked nudes…

That’s all I have to say about that.

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