Kristin Cavallari Hard Nipples of the Day

kristin cavallari hard nipples

Kristin Cavallari filtered the fuck out of her face for some bullshit video that she hopes you focus on her hard nipples instead of her filtered fucking face….since everything on the internet is a fucking lie and these aging or rotting, depending on your stance when it comes to females aging….trying to fool us with their BOTOX, with their photoshop and divert our attention from their weathered old rich lady faces….will not fool me…however I will still stare at the divorcee’s nipples since why the fuck now….

You see, I didn’t give a fuck about her during the Laguna Beach days, I didn’t give a fuck about her when she decided to do the whole acting thing instead of doing “The Hills” only to have no success, so she found some loser jock with some money and made him cum in her until she got pregnant…strategic family planning.

Now she’s getting a divorce, still trying to be hot, but erasing her face in the process at least on the internet since we don’t need movie magic to make us better people now, they come default on all social media apps to perpetuate more lies on the LIE machine that is the internet.

kristin cavallari hard nippleskristin cavallari hard nipples


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