Olivia Culpo Gets Peed On of the Day

Olivia Culpo is some “bro” chick who people think is fucking hot, who works the instagram scene aggressively, and thanks to winning a Miss Universe pageant, has been able to spend the last decade fucking rich and famous people to elevate her brand. Her most recent hustle has been the pro football player, that is her fetish and what better way to be a WAG loser mooch bitch who brands pay for some reason, than to be in Sports Illustrated because it tricks the athletes to think that she’s not some groupie mooch bitch trying to get their sperm to be set for life…you know…whore shit…

This is a BTS golden shower / watersport / simulation but I am sure Culpo lets dudes pee on her on the regular, she’s just got that vibe….and it’s for Sports Illustrated, I guess.

I don’t really fuck with the scam that is SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIM because I think it’s a whole lot of shitty models, doing shitty bikini content that instagram has been able to replicate with iphones and hotter girls basically 6 years ago, but since it’s a big draw for the Sports Fans because sports fans get pussy, the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED brand uses it to make a bunch of money, through advertisers or whatever, creating big budget shitty fucking swimsuit pics of whores who are in their bikinis all the fucking time on their social media….but they crave the SI stamp of approval, to live out their outdated childhood dream of being in the magazine, when all that shit is over…young people don’t even know what SI SWIM is….it’s just the old hags who think SI and Victoria’s Secret are the fucking answer to all validation they clearly seek, as they attention seek…


Or you can just live out your Olivia Culpo getting peed on fantasies because someone out there thinks she’s more than the bootleg waitress she reminds me of….which is convenient since her fucking rich dudes has made her enough money to open a restaurant….she trash.


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