Asshole Behind Thongs Thursdays of the Day

The asshole is the titties of this generation, you know when everything is genderless and built on this fake concept of equality and inclusion, the asshole is the only sex organ we have in common with each other….dick or pussy or hermaphrodite or not….our assholes are united and one…so when looking at these assholes, think they could just as easily be a man’s asshole, or a trans asshole, or a herm asshole….which they call intersex asshole now…because tits and cunt are for girls and mouths can have too much gender association with the idea of facial hair…where the asshole unites us…

Or maybe, this generation are perverts and tits pics and pussy pics are posted to instagram freely for all to see, where the asshole is a little more mystery since it is the gateway to their soul.

I don’t know, I just know that Asshole Behind Thong, because Thongs don’t protect from fecal matter, but do allow a girl on her period to wear a pad so that she doesn’t lose a limb from Toxic Shock Syndrome…and I guess that’s something all these women, so many women, like to show off while trying to get sunbscribers to their onlyfans.

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Author: 17chan