Zoe Stone’s Just Brushing her Hair of the Day

Zoe Stone is some random account I came across on instagram, even though I don’t actually use instagram, fuck that Facebook evil shit trying to track my fucking thoughts in exchange for likes and Follows….since I don’t have what it takes to be an influencer, there’s no place for me on there….but this Zoe Stone character, she’s good, despite only having 25k followers, there’s always hope there will be more.

She seems to be from Hawaii, or living in Hawaii with some Hawaiian looking male model boyfriend, which I like to point out to the nerds who unfollow and hate women with boyfriends because it means you can’t have them, even though you could never have them. It’s funny incel shit that keeps me going….

I found it interesting that she posts videos of herself instead of pictures, I’m assuming it is because her videos get more views than when she posts pics and that makes her feel better about herself. Maybe instagram algorithm shares videos more than pics and the videos are her way out of this 25k loser level of influencer to the 1,000,000 she needs to matter…who fucking knows.

I just find it interesting because all these girls avoid video because video isn’t sophisticated enough to be as easily photoshopped or edited, you need a visual effects team to lock it down, and that’s inconvenient….so they stick to photoshopping their pics into cartoon versions of themselves hoping they never get a job on an influencer trip where people will see the real them. It’s some avatar insanity….

I am sure influencer trips would be the funniest thing to attend, even for a minute, before realizing how boring influencers are, even more so when you realize the hot chick you follw is actually a fucking monster…

But this Zoe girl is not a monster, we’ve got VIDEO evidence that she’s hot, so take that all you fat chicks making yourself skinny or skinny chicks making yourself have an ass…we’re onto and real babes still exist…

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