Sky in the Studded Panties of the Day

I don’t know anything about this model / influencer / entrepreneur named SKY, I scrolled her instagram for about 10 seconds because I fucking hate social media and was just seeing if I had any insight on her. That instagram is if you’re into her…so follow if you are…because I doubt I’ll ever do another post on her again so you can’t rely on me to deliver all your werirdo fetishes.

What I like about her is that she created her own leather lingerie brand called HOS_LEATHER which I don’t think is Ho’s Leather, but it could be…and that would make it a bit hotter…but as far as my experience with Hoes goes, they usually just wear crust ass soiled underwear they got at the mission, but then again I’m a frugal ho shopper and go for price not value….

I don’t know much about leather lingerie because I am not a Pit boy at a circuit party in a holster..but I do think it looks good in these pics and sometimes / all the time / that’s all that matters…

Shout out to girls who get half naked on the internet with more to offer the world than being half naked on the internet while still being half naked on the internet so we get the goods but the goods have more value….

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