What is Wrong with Emilia Clarke of the Day

What is Wrong with Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke looks like she’s channelled some of that Game of Thrones sci/fi fantasy shit and glued it to her damn stomach, because there is some lizard skin going on here and I don’t know how hot that is to the non Game of Thrones fans, since you’re likely like me and don’t find Emilia Clarke anything special…

But the funniest thing about this bikini pic is not even the aligator skin on her midsection, it’s her lack of neck that makes her look like some kind of dwarf preemie freak with a massive head ready to do that cerebral palsy walk off the boat that she’d blame on “sea legs’ but that is actually dude to a genetic disorder of sorts…

There’s nothing hot going on here….but this is what high paid celebs look like in their luxurious lives…pretty shit.


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Author: 17chan