On/Off Flashers on a Friday of the Day

On/Off is a comparison, or a question that you’d think has an obvious answer…if a girl was to ask you if you want it on or off, you’d always default to off, because we are perverts and there’s nothing all that exclusive or interesting about seeing a bitch clothed, when everyone else can see her clothed…but it’s not so simple…because clothing is designed to be functional, to make girls have hotter bodies, to perk up tits, to slim down guts, to give flat ass booty….you know what I mean…

However, whether the on or the off look better, you gotta always go for the off, because that’s like unwrapping the present under the tree, not all presents are created equal, but to leave them unwrapped would be a tragedy….

So luckily, there are a lot of girls on the internet interested in flashing you on a Friday / Every Day of the week and I am all about staring at each and every one of them because why the fuck not..

It’s gamifying the nude photo….and we all like games….

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