Chantel Jeffries Nude Leaked Photos The Fappening 2020

Chantel is the person, who grew up too fast. It took her just two years to become one of the most popular DJs of the United States. Her first song was on the list of the most popular songs of the US, according to one of music charts.

She is known as a really hardworking and talented person. Although, her personal life is unknown for public, a lot of people don’t even need that. She is needed only due to her talent.

Pussy Wedgie Wednesday of the Day

Here’s a new feature for the site, another one of those “trending hashtags” that are categorized by day of the week, so that we can have a consistent schedule of content that people come back for, like an old friend, State Farm is there and by state farm I mean Pussy Wedgie Wednesday…

It’s something I assume some Dot Com Consultant would recommend I do to make the site better, because we’ve got this 15 year base but it could be so much more if a few tactics were put in place, kind of thing….but then again, I’ve never met a Dot Com Consultant, so I’m doing this genius work ALL on my own based on 15 years of internet but more importantly, being bored as fuck of boring celeb social media content…when the random sluts of the internet are far more important, relevant and what is actually going on out there…

Now, obviously Cameltoe is an old classic….nothing new here, other than the fact that pussy definition is the new cleavage and all these girls of all ages are jacking their bikinis, sports pants, bike shorts jacked up inside themselves…so there are a lot of cameltoes now….the fat pussy, the COINSLOT PUSSY, the meaty pussy is the CLEAVAGE of the era…

Which you’d think would make my selects better, but I am just one person man, I’m doing the best I can for the amount of effort I’m willing to put into this dogshit site…

THAT SAID, there are some hot ones so stop your bitching.

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Dakota Fanning in a Dress of the Day

Dakota Fanning Sexy

I don’t know why Dakota Fanning creeps me out. I mean when looking at the picture, she’s a cute girl out on the town without a mask because it was picture time, showing some leg…you know if you saw her on the street you’d definitely look twice, or would have looked twice before the era of everyone is a queer, or turning into a queer, because they want everyone queer and you can’t look at a woman, and you sure as fucking hell can’t tell her she’s hot, even if some girls need that positive feedback, it’s just not worth getting shut down…but you know what I mean…she looks good…

But to me she’s this weird kid exploited by her parents to be a star and to live out the family’s hollywood dream that the media used as some sort of pawn when she was doing media tours at like the age of 7 and she’s just grown up so fucked up because of that…but not fucked up enough to be selling pics of her butthole on the internet….it’s weird…some of these young people who were straight up thrown into some weird fucking upbringing for a shitty but lucrative industry who you are sure are broken at their core or at least very fucking nutso….while other girls who were far less traumatized are crying about how traumatic their upbringing was to justify selling the butthole pics….when really, creepy or not, I’d rather see Dakota Fanning’s butthole than these other sluts of the internet, because Dakota Fanning is a celebrity and thus her butthole is of higher quality than those non famous buttholes…

Either way, Dakota Fanning in a Dress…really exciting!


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Jodie Sweetin Meth Tits of the Day

Jodie Sweetin Tits

The funniest thing about this post is not Jodie Sweetin/Stephanie Tanner’s big sloppy tits that we’ve been starting at for the last decade or so from the first time she made headlines as a child star turned meth addict….in a “Holy Shit, did you expect those huge tits from a grown up Stephanie Tanner?”…..that has since turned into a second lease on life, because I guess being a meth addict, despite how trashy and ghetto it sounds, is really not a death sentence. It’s not even a guarantee that you’ll end up snorting the fucking house while gyrating with all your meth energy, as you scratch off your fucking face….forcing you to live on the street with at least one amputation caused by some random homless infection like the plague.

The funniest thing about this is that the world is so fucking nuts that a billion dollar exercise bike that offers Yoga classes on their screen, because we aren’t connected enough as is, we need to make everything in life via a screen…..but yeah,…they offer yoga classes to honor the life of Breonna Taylor?

Now I don’t even know the Breonna Taylor story and I don’t care. I just see celebrities trying to rile up their audiences to be outraged about it….

I just know when a billion dollar brand does anything to honor anyone, it’s pandering…a marketing hook because they don’t care about anything but profit, otherwise they’d do a campaign to gift every fat person one of their machines for fucking free…cockstuckers…

Want to make a difference? Invest in fat children of America…not some fucking political fuelled brainwashing nonsense you cunts….

That said, Jodie Sweetin got some titties…ohhhhhhh buddy.

Jodie Sweetin Tits
Jodie Sweetin Tits


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Kendall Jenner Bikini of the Day

Kendall Jenner Bikini

I don’t understand Kendall Jenner’s body at all….

I guess it’s got something to do with everything being bullshit on the internet, in part because of her family.

From the girls photoshopping themselves into what they think is hot, even though anyone who sees them is like “Nice Avatar Bro”….but no one cares about people who actually see them…we live a virtual second life…as our first life…which makes online dating a real game of Russian Roulette.

To the girls getting all kinds of gnarly fucking procedures, from botox, fillers in all kinds of weird places you’d never expect…it’s not just duck lips motherfuckers…it’s everything….then there’s the whole fat transfers of pulling fat from one area and dropping it in another…I mean…when Khloe Kardashian went from manly beast of the wilderness monster….to almost fuckable…despite having always been a beast….then there’s the whole Kylie thing that was literally a thing…but has grown into whatever the fuck you’d call her now….this family is up on the latest technologies on how to turn fat ugly hairy trolls into sex dolls…..

I don’t think Kendall is immune to that….because I know that she’s naturally built like Bruce…the “Athletic” sister….all tall with no hips…but in the world of broken garbage humans from shitty fucking families who are celebrated so hard they are billionaires.. probably should have been debated in the election as the terrorist group fucking with the minds of young girls and giving them far worst unrealistic body expectations than any “Patriarchal Misogynistic” website….but for whatever reason the “Woke” SJW Trolls go after men’s programming, making women in ads and photoshoots and content pieces where we say “FUCK SHE IS HOT”….illegal….or at least cancelled…while these cunts are actually damaging people…on so many fucking levels from faking their look, to trying to monetize, to wasting their money on crappy products they sell….you know the Kardashians are dog shit, so I don’t need to keep going on about this..because Kendall and her fake hips, skinny legs, look alright to me….fake or not…I’ll never see her average looking overrated ass in public anyway….so I’ll just buy into the lie that everyone is selling….

Kendall Jenner Bikini


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Stella Hudgens Tits of the Day

Stella Hudgens Bikini

Stella Hudgens is great, in part because she’s got tits she’s consistently showed up for some low key or low level attention, being the celebrity sister is great in concept, I mean it’s basically Stella’s identity, but I am sure every once in a while relatives of the celebs want to break free from the shadow and be celebrated for their own merits, which in Stella’s case are her tits…

I typically like the celebrity siblings because they have that life of celebrity, luxury with all those celebrity hand me downs…but they also have the whole feelings of inadequacies knowing they are the second tier….so maybe they feel better than the average person, because they need someone to look down on…we all do..that’s why the government allows homeless people to exist, so we go “at least I’m better off than that”….but at her core, she knows she’s not nearly as good as her sister, especially now that her sister is getting sluttier and sluttier because she’s been dumped and found social media…while this one has been “I have been showing my tits on social media for a decade now, can’t I have this”….to which I say…sure…we’ll stare at those second tier better than the average human because a relative is a celebrity titties.

Stella Hudgens Bikini

Stella Hudgens Bikini
Stella Hudgens Bikini


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Zendaya Skimpy Bikini Body Flaunting Uncovered

Zendaya bikini sexy

The creature known as Zendaya shows off her pleasingly androgynous body in a skimpy bikini in the recently uncovered surveillance video below.

Apparently Zendaya was caught on camera in her bikini by researchers from the University of Southern California who were investigating the mating habits of the North American stick-bug. Of course Zendaya has been famously stingy about showing off her completely unfeminine frame, so this bikini video certainly shows a side of her rarely seen in public.

Zendaya bikini sexy

In the end it is clear that despite her relative modesty and halal lack of blasphemous femininity, Zendaya is still deserving of being on the business end of the Sharia stones of justice… Of course when that glorious day comes, we must remember to start early, bring extra rocks, and throw for accuracy instead of power if we are to have any hope of properly lapidating this spindly slut before sunset.

Rachel Hilbert Nude Photos Colorized

Rachel Hilbert nude

Victoria’s Secret model Rachel Hilbert’s black and white nude photos have just been colorized using our AI (Advanced Islamic) deep learning technology in the gallery below.


Rachel Hilbert Rachel Hilbert Rachel Hilbert
Rachel Hilbert Rachel Hilbert Rachel Hilbert
Rachel Hilbert Rachel Hilbert Rachel Hilbert

Truly there is no denying that us pious Muslims are brilliant scientists after seeing the way that we were able to bring Rachel’s blasphemous bare body to life by expertly adding color to these photos…

And while some would foolishly argue that we should be putting our immense genius towards solving issues like “climate change”, we would counter that there is no greater problem facing the world today than society’s moral decay (as exemplified by Rachel’s sickeningly sinful behavior). For the dangerous djinns being emitted into the atmosphere by nude female flesh pollute the soul, and this crisis must be brought to light with posts such as this one.

Ester Exposito Nude Scene From “Elite”

Ester Exposito nude

The video below features Ester Expositio’s nude scene from the Netflix series “Elite”.

Being from the former Muslim colony of Spain, one would think that Ester would know better than to show off her sinful tit sacks like this… But Ester’s bare boobies just go to show that the righteous teachings of the blessed Prophet (PBUH) are incompatible with the hopelessly depraved natures of the infidels in the West.

Ester Exposito sexy

Thanks to Ester’s and her breasts, it is now clear what must be done when we finish establishing the new European Islamic caliphate…

And that is a great purge that will wipe the immoral heathen filth from Europe once and for all… Followed by a salting of the earth, so that no other living creatures can ever again survive on its cursed land.

Ester Exposito ass

However with that said, we will probably take the time to stretch Ester’s sphincter with our enormous meat scuds first.