Possible Kate Beckinsale Daughter Topless Selfie of the Day

I have no idea if this is Kate Beckinsale’s daughter or not, I just know that when I found out that Kate Beckinsale had a 16 year old daughter a bunch of years ago, I was shocked, you see because I wasn’t a Kate Beckinsale fan and I never saw Underworld with the nerds, so I wasn’t up to speed on how the properly aging attention seeker because she’s more hyped on aging hot than anyone else is, and some people are really fucking hyped on it….had shat out a baby when she was younger. It was a good case for have your kids young, so that you can bounce back…..and bounce back she did, banging all kinds of young dudes and getting press for it, like it’s an accomplishment, doing what men have done forever…because she’s still fucking hot.

Anyway, with Michael Sheen, not Charlie Sheen she had a daughter, who is in her 20s….and who has been racy in her own right, while at college posting sleazy shit along the way, and in keeping up with her generation here’s a topless selfie…..simple, harmless, not something that would ruin any potential career, not that celeb kids do the whole career thing….and we can assume next step is Only Fans, you know to be current with the generation and how they spend their time and make their spending money.

I don’t know if it’s her, or just some other reddit girl showing her tits, cuz it’s clou, but I don’t think it matters.

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