Demi Lovato Bra of the Day

Demi Lovato Bra

Demi Lovato is some unstable fuck, boring rich and famous trash who believes her own hype, one of those “I have mental health issues” therefore “I have heroin overdoses”….because “I have mental health issues” is the number one excuse of her generation of loser, coddled, live with their parents, get naked on the internet trash….they just google the fuck out of mental health issues and figure what suits their needs best, present it to their doctors and get the meds they need to compare with their friends who are also on meds, a generation of kids on brain medication…awesome…..and I saw this coming…from Ritalin in the 80s and 90s onwards…the heavy handed prescription pad of doctors…even I’ve been prescribed prozac, paxil, downers when I barely even move and am always on a downer….when all I really need is the drink to get through it….

What I am saying is that I think all mental health issues are bullshit excuses from weak people who like having excuses that are beyond them and that you can’t point and laugh at because it’s a condition…….the only think mental health issues are good for is collecting disability checks because that shit can barely be proven and no one likes to work…so any reason not to work and still get paid is a good one…

More importantly, Demi Lovato, who should have been cancelled for a heroin overdose, but who was packaged as a hero who got to do some big performances as part of a comeback tour, all because she has a big fan base and hollywood likes to mooch off the people with the big fan bases…..they like the stupid lame storyline….of her “NOT DYING”…instead of being pragmatic and say things like “this loser bitch couldn’t even overdose right so that she could polarize it to make more money with the sympathy of all”….

It’s just a lot of garbage, but not as much garbage as those sloppy fucking tits in the sports bra….I don’t think that cleavage could be anymore fat-girl looking that whatever is going on here with this “Survivor” who is recently single because the love of her life she met 6 months ago, was engaged to 3 months ago, was exposed for tweeting that Selena Gomez was hotter than Demi before he devoted his life to fucking one of them…which he accomplished while escaping her spoiled rich brat wrath….like that motherfucker probably doctored his own tweets to get an out from this bitch as he appealed to her rival Selena Gomez to give him a shot, because they hate each other and what better revenge than to steal the other one’s man….especially when this one’s tits look like a man’s……garbage.

Demi Lovato Bra


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