Olivia Holt Underboob of the Day

Olivia Holt is a 23 year old Disney kid who was on some series called “I Didn’t Do It” but you probably already know that because you probably have the series logo tattooed on your pervert upper thigh pervert.

She moved to LA in 2011, which may not seem that long ago to your old pervert ass, but it was 9 ears ago, meaning she was 13-14 years old, which I guess is the age families have historically sold their daughters off to the highest bidder, only instead of doing the “Celine Dion” where they basically turned her into the wife of the creepy manager who made her, they instead just sell them to a corporation that owns the media for the training. It’s pretty irresponsible, but you already know that, plus the emotional trauma makes them potential huge stars in the sex trade as they get older, you know jus ask Disney’s Maitland Ward.

Now I don’t know any movies she’s been in, any songs she’s produced or sang on, I just know she’s another one of these young puppets with very little substance or soul, eager to produce really vapid and useless things for the money and the hype…it’s a generational thing…they don’t have any meaning, depth or souls…but they are slutty and that should count for something…

I do know that this video irritates me because when I was 23, I was getting black out drunk with degenerates, things were out of control, the sex was the kind you assumed you got AIDS having, and it was just a much darker and more fun time…

Instead, these people, who may have more tit exposed than girls of my generation, are doing some hokey ass shit, like the “Squares” in the 60s and the fact other people do this hokey ass shit too, on the level where they made a fucking app for it, is pretty disappointing…no matter how many nudes they sell on their subscription site, or how vulgar they are in their captions, or no matter how these ends in an orgy because they may be lame asses, but they are down to fuck lame asses….they fucking suck.

If you don’t believe me, look at the CISCO-Looking motherfucker…this embarrasses me…


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