Tight Pant Tuesday of the Day

Tight Pant Tuesday of the Day

If you leave your house and you probably should since this whole “Lockdown” thing is a bit of a. joke and no one, especially not celebs are “locking down” or as they call it “hunkering down”….they all still go to restaurants, maybe COVID doesn’t effect the elite as they walk around with their masks on wrong to perpetuate the media lies…I mean some of these celebs are out more than they’ve ever been out because they have nothing to do and like attention….

Not that this is about celebrities, this is my anti-celebrity post because I never liked celebrities, I always thought they were full of shit idiots with far too much hype and not much substance, I never respected their jobs as actors, I think acting is a lie that actors pretend is this important thing, when it’s not. We can live without actors and acting doesn’t require much talent, I am sure that any of us, if we had distorted egos or were vapid idiots who didn’t feel like assholes when on camera, would be capable of replicating….I think you, with a bit of confidence could be the next Brad Pitt, even if you’re fat an ugly, it just doesn’t require skill to recite lines with fake emotion that seems semi sincere…

This is about non-celebrities, who may be wanting to be celebrities, because they are producing and posting this kind of content of themselves, but they aren’t actual celebrities, so the intent may be to get to that useless but high paying place, but the process is taking slutty pics of themselves to get noticed…which I like..

So the idea of celebrity is fine, for a beacon of hope for hopeless or shamless people, but the actual celebrities fucking bore me….

Now…to the point…tight pants, if you leave your house, you will see tight pants, it is the style and has been for a while. The tight pants often hug the body in the right way giving it the right shame that you can bring home to jerk off to, as asses are bigger, pants get tighter, and if the bitch isn’t 300 pounds, it’s good.

More importantly, you can usually see the pussy definition of each and every tight pant wearer in public, it’s likely the point, because pussy definition is the cleavage of the new generation….and I like seeing pussy in all it’s glory, even when hugged by some tight pants…and I like that it is a trend to show the world your pussy in disguise….pretending it’s just what active wear does to active people….whatever the excuse…it’s good.

So here’s some tight pants on a tuesday….

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