Dakota Fanning in a Dress of the Day

Dakota Fanning Sexy

I don’t know why Dakota Fanning creeps me out. I mean when looking at the picture, she’s a cute girl out on the town without a mask because it was picture time, showing some leg…you know if you saw her on the street you’d definitely look twice, or would have looked twice before the era of everyone is a queer, or turning into a queer, because they want everyone queer and you can’t look at a woman, and you sure as fucking hell can’t tell her she’s hot, even if some girls need that positive feedback, it’s just not worth getting shut down…but you know what I mean…she looks good…

But to me she’s this weird kid exploited by her parents to be a star and to live out the family’s hollywood dream that the media used as some sort of pawn when she was doing media tours at like the age of 7 and she’s just grown up so fucked up because of that…but not fucked up enough to be selling pics of her butthole on the internet….it’s weird…some of these young people who were straight up thrown into some weird fucking upbringing for a shitty but lucrative industry who you are sure are broken at their core or at least very fucking nutso….while other girls who were far less traumatized are crying about how traumatic their upbringing was to justify selling the butthole pics….when really, creepy or not, I’d rather see Dakota Fanning’s butthole than these other sluts of the internet, because Dakota Fanning is a celebrity and thus her butthole is of higher quality than those non famous buttholes…

Either way, Dakota Fanning in a Dress…really exciting!


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