Kendall Jenner Bikini of the Day

Kendall Jenner Bikini

I don’t understand Kendall Jenner’s body at all….

I guess it’s got something to do with everything being bullshit on the internet, in part because of her family.

From the girls photoshopping themselves into what they think is hot, even though anyone who sees them is like “Nice Avatar Bro”….but no one cares about people who actually see them…we live a virtual second life…as our first life…which makes online dating a real game of Russian Roulette.

To the girls getting all kinds of gnarly fucking procedures, from botox, fillers in all kinds of weird places you’d never expect…it’s not just duck lips motherfuckers…it’s everything….then there’s the whole fat transfers of pulling fat from one area and dropping it in another…I mean…when Khloe Kardashian went from manly beast of the wilderness monster….to almost fuckable…despite having always been a beast….then there’s the whole Kylie thing that was literally a thing…but has grown into whatever the fuck you’d call her now….this family is up on the latest technologies on how to turn fat ugly hairy trolls into sex dolls…..

I don’t think Kendall is immune to that….because I know that she’s naturally built like Bruce…the “Athletic” sister….all tall with no hips…but in the world of broken garbage humans from shitty fucking families who are celebrated so hard they are billionaires.. probably should have been debated in the election as the terrorist group fucking with the minds of young girls and giving them far worst unrealistic body expectations than any “Patriarchal Misogynistic” website….but for whatever reason the “Woke” SJW Trolls go after men’s programming, making women in ads and photoshoots and content pieces where we say “FUCK SHE IS HOT”….illegal….or at least cancelled…while these cunts are actually damaging people…on so many fucking levels from faking their look, to trying to monetize, to wasting their money on crappy products they sell….you know the Kardashians are dog shit, so I don’t need to keep going on about this..because Kendall and her fake hips, skinny legs, look alright to me….fake or not…I’ll never see her average looking overrated ass in public anyway….so I’ll just buy into the lie that everyone is selling….

Kendall Jenner Bikini


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