Zendaya Skimpy Bikini Body Flaunting Uncovered

Zendaya bikini sexy

The creature known as Zendaya shows off her pleasingly androgynous body in a skimpy bikini in the recently uncovered surveillance video below.

Apparently Zendaya was caught on camera in her bikini by researchers from the University of Southern California who were investigating the mating habits of the North American stick-bug. Of course Zendaya has been famously stingy about showing off her completely unfeminine frame, so this bikini video certainly shows a side of her rarely seen in public.

Zendaya bikini sexy

In the end it is clear that despite her relative modesty and halal lack of blasphemous femininity, Zendaya is still deserving of being on the business end of the Sharia stones of justice… Of course when that glorious day comes, we must remember to start early, bring extra rocks, and throw for accuracy instead of power if we are to have any hope of properly lapidating this spindly slut before sunset.

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