Ella Purnell’s Bare Ass of the Day

Ella Purnell is a 24 year old actress from the UK that I’ve never heard of. Her wikipedia is not very exciting but she has recently been in an Agatha Christie Mini-Series, which sounds about what you’d expect from UK programming….she was also in something that is apparently very hyped because it was a best selling novel called Sweetbitter, but I am apparently not up to speed on best selling novels, I mean do people even read anymore? So I’ve never heard of that…she’s the lead in something called Belgravia…..which sounds awful because it’s some period piece shit…do people actually watch period pieces? Then she’s in some Netflix show, that’s probably more our speed called Army of the Dead…by nerd icon Zack Snyder….so she’s clearly making moves…

I am more interested in her bare ass for social media…because you know gotta get that hype on there, to get that hype to be cast in movies and TV, which clearly she’s trying to do….and a bare ass is a good starting point for that…especially when in nature, so you can play it off as more wholesome, camping, hiking nudity than obvious nudity….either type of nudity is still nudity and thus good.

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