Leann Rimes Nipples of the Day

Leann Rimes Nipples

LeAnn Rimes is a case study in how if you go country, the good country folk who are into country, oftentimes traditional people, probably even religious people, who still go to church on Sundays, will never turn their back on you.

If you break through in Country and if the Country market accept you, they’ll forever by your Christmas Albums no matter how much of a degenerate you are…proven by LeAnn Rimes who made HUGE money with her country music, even if she was touring random small town casinos last year, she still had that loyal fan based who would still buy her CD at Walmart because they don’t do that whole internet thing…except to protest masks…or some shit…

So this moved to LA, got fake tits, despite playing religious (Religious people with breast implants always confused me, if you believe in God, modifying God’s work, would seem sinful)….all while home wrecking and becoming tabloid fodder….trash…only to be forgiven for going off course by her people, as Jesus has taught them, redemption is possible…

So here she is at 40 something, braless and hard nippled, looking like a ghost in the manor house in some horror movie…but tits are tits…

Leann Rimes Nipples


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